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Hi, I'm Tamar and I'm addicted to images. Good photography captivates me, and I can find myself staring at a gorgeous magazine cover for way too long. 


For years I've felt that I have an internal camera which allows me to look at a business and immediately capture its essence. Finding a brand's personality and exploring  the best way to visually tell its story, is something that excites me every time, all over again.

I have a BA of Fine Arts from the Department of Ceramic Design at Bezalel in Jerusalem (1999-2003) and I am the founder and proprietor of Insight Art, a visual content agency for media business.

Learning something new about people and re-constructing this characteristic authentically through color, composition and photography is what I love to do best, and I always try to tell those stories from 360 degrees. 

I believe that the right images can change the direction of a business and create opportunities for engagement and sales.

After working with leading companies in Israel, I teach and consult large and small businesses how to reach their audience by creating the right visual story, how to use Instagram for marketing and sales, and how to take great photos with the most accessible tool - their smartphone camera.


Want to get in touch? Drop me a line at

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